Tips for Protecting Your Eyes and Vision

Maintaining your eye health and vision over a lifetime is an important part of your overall health. Eyesight can be directly affected by your daily habits as well as environmental factors. Protecting your eyes is necessary to protect your eyesight over your life time. Here are a few tips to maintain your eye health over the long haul.

First and foremost, regular annual checkups with an ophthalmologist are extremely important. Not only can an ophthalmologist aid in the care of your vision, but he will also be able to see the very early signs of any developing eye problems. So as your ophthalmologist looks for the classic diseases of the eye, he can also check for early signs of other disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, certain thyroid conditions and more. This eye checkup is just as important to your overall health as your yearly physical.

Overall general good health is also required to maintain good eye health. Proper nutrition aids our bodies to function properly, repair damage, and fight off infections. Diets lacking in certain vitamins and minerals can have negative consequences on your eyesight. For example, in many third world countries, blindness in children is quite common due to the lack of fundamental proper nutrition. And this need does not change as you age; proper nutrition is just as important to the senior population to help prevent age related eye diseases.

Computer eye strain is a common ailment in modern society. Taking breaks from the computer screen a few times an hour aids in preventing computer related strain, as does installing an anti-glare screen. The daily use of sunglasses is also recommended to protect your eyes from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. Just as your skin needs protection from the sun, so do your eyes. Also, remember to always wear proper safety glasses to prevent eye injuries whenever you find yourself in a potentially injurious scenario.

Another good idea to help preserve your vision over your lifetime is to avoid smoking. If you do smoke, then quit. Smoking is directly linked to various eye diseases, including but not limited to, glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts.

Proper hygiene is another important factor related to eye health, especially for individuals that wear eye makeup or contact lenses. Eye makeup must be removed nightly to prevent the spread of bacteria and the risk of infection while you sleep. Never share eye makeup, touch the applicator to any foreign surface, or use old products. Additionally, mascara should be renewed every two months, and shadows and liners should be less than 6 months old.
Proper contact lens hygiene is also extremely important to prevent eye infections and diseases. Use your lenses as instructed by your eye doctor and give your eyes breaks from your lenses frequently. Do not sleep in your lenses, and always follow instructions to properly clean them.

These are just some of the steps for a lifetime of good eye health and vision. As you can see, just a few simple habits can make a big difference