Exercising During Pregnancy Through Yoga and Aqua-Gym

Yoga classes, tai chi, aquagym, Pilates exercises are part of the industry group charged, they are part and aerobics, spinning site, aerodance site, power lifting, etc. site., Except that only the first series to help women enumerated during pregnancy, providing them with easy exercises in the gym, special needs in the 9 months.

Yoga, for example, works directly with the mother’s mind, succeeding in a high degree of concentration and relaxation increased in each exercise that she practices. Breathing, so important for pregnant women, is the bridge between body and mind. Learning to breathe properly, you will be able to remain lucid and will manage to easily relax contractions. Exercises aimed at muscle control, and tone, so the lower body muscles will be worked and stretched enough, allowing a smooth opening of the pelvis during birth. The mother will have control of her body stronger, toned, with good mobility, being able to relax completely. Maintaining the body in harmony, free of surface tension and pain, will rest better and, ultimately, will be ready to traverse the birth in an active form.

Aqua-gym as an alternative choice is very appropriate at this time. The force of gravity gets a new definition in water and therefore make it extremely low impact form of exercise in an optimum for pregnant women. Water is the ideal environment for any exercise, because it helps improve blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and regulate heart rate during exercise. Pressure on the back and joints is reduced, and the balance after these workouts is surprising: joint mobility is improved by at least 50%, as well as the ligament, increased muscle tone and good physical condition allows us to categorized it as a form of motion is indispensable both during pregnancy, and before or after. Water dissipates heat immediately eliminated from the body, which gives a sensation of coolness and relaxation, unparalleled in any other sport. In addition, prevents obesity, varicose veins, cellulite, ischemic heart disease, osteoporosis and rheumatism. To perform the correct exercises, the abdominal and back muscles need to be strained to avoid floating, giving the mom powerful muscles. Aquagym can be practiced until after birth and without any contraindication.

In terms of fitness-type anaerobic effort, however it is recommended that in the first quarter to be minimal effort, leaving free the next two quarters in which you can choose to exercise the right tone and cardio. During exercise, heart rate should be less than 134-140 BPM (beats per minute), and the effort may not last more than 30-40 minutes. In fitness, pregnant women should know they can not put pressure on the abdomen, also aimed at including balance exercises should be excluded from the training program, as well as those involving a cardio exercise suddenly (climbing stairs, etc. stepper site.). Otherwise, under the careful guidance of a specialist coach, pregnant women can achieve effective workouts in the gym.

You should know that complete procedures, which involve breathing correlated with that process and water (breathe in the air, exhale into the water) – to be eliminated in these months, so that all diving is prohibited. Mother apnea can let the baby without oxygen! Breaststroke swimming style and a head so much damage to the surface of the lumbar spine, and so sensitive due to extra weight.

However, childbirth is an athletic event for the pregnant woman must also train an athlete to run a marathon. Women must enjoy the changes that occur and to accept the exercises you can do in terms of these changes. The most important aspect of prenatal training is that women learn to know his own body, its reactions to effort, resilience and means that can accommodate the demands of pregnancy, but also of the job or their lifestyle.

Which Is The Best Exercise To Lose Weight Fast?

Doing exercise to be able to lose weight is important but there are many who question what the best exercise to lose weight is. There are some exercises that are perfect for fat burning and slimming down while other types of exercises are designed for toning muscles.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise, also known as CV exercise, is the best when it comes to losing weight quickly and successfully. This type of exercise will make the heart rate increase and burns a lot more calories than weight training.

There are different types of CV exercises, such as running, swimming and rowing – just to name a few. These exercises have their own pros and cons and will burn a varying amount of calories. Running is great if you can do it and arguably the best exercise for weight loss. The high intensity of the running makes it possible to burn more calories in a shorter session.

However, for those starting out with weight loss, swimming is also a terrific exercise for losing weight. The water holds the body weight, which means that exercise is easier to do. You can put in as much or as little effort as you want and will still burn calories because you use every muscle in your body!

Weight Lifting- Not Great For Losing Weight

When it comes to losing weight, weight training is not the best choice exercise to lose weight. The problem with weight training is that it strengthens the muscles but does not help to burn as much fat. While you will tone your body, you will not be able to see that toning under the layers of fat that will still be there.

Weight training will also make you put on muscle. While this is beneficial for the body, according to the scales you will put on more weight. Muscle weighs more than fat and this is something that you constantly need to remind yourself. So, if the goal is to get to a certain weight on the scales, strengthening the muscles with weights is something to avoid on a large basis.

Our Overall Thought

It is also worth remembering that no matter how much exercise you do, you will never lose weight purely through that. You will also need to change your diet to successfully drop those extra pounds. So, a combination of good healthy eating habits and moderate cardiovascular exercise, will slim your body while improving your health.